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About Ask Database

Ask Database is now Yurpl.com. Ask Database was originaly created in 2002 and was labled the first and only search engine for survey data.

Ask Database was the first of it's kind for open ended marketing surveys and was used around the world by marketers, authors and more to find out what was on the mind of their ther visitors.

As of 2020 Ask Database was converted to Yurpl.com. It has all of the functioning features as before with plans to bring to the market features needed to meet today's demands for marketing surverys.

We still provide all of the Ask Campaigns that you may have used in the past, but we've streamlined the system to make it even easier.

Yurpl is brought to you by one of the original founders and creators of Ask Database, Frank Deardurff.

Frank is know in the markeing industry as That One Web Guy and has been an online for over twenty-five years. He is able to use his experience in software development, Web services, book authoring, graphic design, content creation and so much more to the table to make Yurpl even better.

While we have mixed emotions about moving away from the Ask Database brand, it was time for a total rewrite of the software and time for a brand that we can get behind 100%.

As we move from Ask Database to Yurpl we look forward to connecting with our current and past customers to see what you liked about Ask Database and ways we can further bring you a Marketing survey service not offered anywhere else.

we are also looking to create more integrations that we we not able to with the previous code set. We are working with several online companies to add API capabilites to work with your favorite brands online.

So, If you are looking for Ask Database, then look no farther than Yurpl.com

You can get more details by visiting our homepage at Yurpl.com