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Friend , congratulations on your decision to get full details about how the ASK Database™ helps you …

"Discover What Your Customers and Website Visitors REALLY Think … and Use This Priceless Information to Capture MORE SALES, Dominate More Niches, and Dramatically Increase Your Profits
With Little or NO EFFORT on Your Part!"

FR: ASK Database™ Team

RE: Your Risk-Free, 21-Day Trial of the ASK Database™

Dear Friend :

How much more money would you make if you knew:

  • Exactly what products and services your website visitors wanted …

  • How much they’d be willing to pay …

  • And the best way to market to them?

It’s a question worth considering … because now there’s a tool that allows you to discover all 3 things … plus solve your other top marketing challenges.

Best of all, you can try this one-of-a-kind tool for just $1.

The revolutionary tool, of course, is the ASK Database™ … the world’s first (and still only) search engine for surveys.

The ASK Database™ is an ideal resource for entrepreneurs who want to figure out exactly what their customers are thinking … like speakers, authors, information publishers, Internet marketers, training companies, entrepreneurs, business owners … and even politicians.

Ask Database™ Solves the
#1 Problem With Normal Surveys

The ASK Database™ is an ideal resource for these answer-seeking professionals because it was created to solve one of the most aggravating problems you face when surveying customers and prospects …

… how to tabulate, search and accurately INTERPRET open-ended survey questions.

If you’ve ever conducted a survey, you know that the most interesting and valuable feedback comes from the open-ended questions.

But open-ended questions are hard to tabulate. And even harder to analyze.  That’s why most surveys rely on questions that are easily tabulated, such as “yes or no” or multiple choice questions.

The drawback is that standard survey questions don’t give you the whole picture. Respondents are forced to pick the answer that most closely matches what they really want to tell you … if only you’d ask them to describe their answer in their own words.

That’s what the ASK Database™ does.

Why Standard Online Survey Tools Can’t
Give You the Data You REALLY Need

“But, wait a minute,” you might be saying right now. “I can use an online survey tool like Zoomerang™, SurveyMonkey™ and KeySurvey™ to ask for more information.”

This is true … to a limited extent. You can ask for “Comments” or include a question at the end of your survey titled “Additional information.”

The problem? IF you get any takers … you have to wade through the list of answers to try and decipher any pattern in the responses you get.

But the ASK Database™ is unlike any of these type of services as it easily handles these simple survey functions – plus much, much more.

By examining the following case studies and examples you will quickly see that the Ask Database™ is a unique online marketing and research tool or you may even consider the Ask Database™ a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Ask Database™ Identifies the Most Popular Keywords and
Keywords Phrases Used By Your Website Visitors

According to the thousands of ASK Database™ users, one of the program’s most valuable features is the keyword density tool. With the touch of a button, you can spot patterns in the keywords that your survey respondents use when answering your questions.

Just select the ASK campaign you want to analyze … click the “Keyword Density” button … and you’ll see a list of the one-, two-, and three-word keyword phrases being used by your website visitors – ranked in order of popularity.

Ask Database Keyword Keyword Density Ask Key word

Use Keyword Data to Eliminate Your
Biggest Marketing Headaches

For savvy Internet marketers like you, having this information is like being able to read your customers’ minds. Here are just a few ways you can use this keyword data to solve your biggest marketing headaches:

  • Improve performance of your Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising campaigns … by identifying the precise keywords and keyword phrases your prospects are searching on

  • Make your sales copy more effective … by incorporating the exact words and phrases your customers use to talk about their problems and desired solutions into your marketing messages, so that what you say resonates with what your audience is thinking and feeling

  • Identify hot topics for new e-books, home-study courses and other products

  • Position your company properly … by identifying the top reasons customers rave about your products and services

  • Overcome prospective customers’ wariness and skepticism … by automatically capturing heartfelt testimonials from delighted clients

  • Attract more attendees to your teleseminars, workshops and bootcamps … by easily identifying the content they want you to cover at your events

  • Create products and services that your clients want … by uncovering (and then solving) the biggest challenges your prospects are struggling with

  • Get higher page rankings … by using keywords and keyword phrases to optimize your website for the search engines

  • Sell more products and services online … by discovering the real reasons visitors are abandoning your website without making a purchase and then fixing your website to address the issues

But providing tallies of the most popular keywords and keyword phrases is just one way the ASK Database™ analyzes your data …

Search Your Marketing Data in Seconds

Want to know how many times respondents mentioned the keywords or keyword phrases you THINK are important? No problem! The ASK Database™ includes a full-featured search function.

Just type in a simple keyword or keyword phrase you’re looking for – using Boolean operators if you want to find specific patterns or exclude certain words or phrases – press a button … and presto! You see how many times that keyword or keyword phrase was mentioned in the campaign you’re analyzing.

In mere seconds, you have precise results that normally take several minutes – even a few hours – to find when searching through survey comments by hand.

The search feature becomes especially helpful once you experience another benefit of using the ASK Database™ …

Boost the Number of Responses You Receive

Surveys are useful only when customers respond to them. That’s why the ASK Database™ is designed to help maximize the number of responses you receive with:

  • Time-tested ASK Campaign templates. Get access to the very same proven survey templates and questions used in our own campaigns, as well as the campaigns we run for our clients.

  • Audio Generator™ Integration. Research consistently proves that incorporating audio – especially your own voice – boosts response from website visitors. That’s why the ASK Database™ comes equipped with AudioGenerator™, the easy-to-use tool that allows you to almost instantly add streaming audio to your website.

Set up your ASK Campaigns to incorporate AudioGenerator™ codes … and website visitors will literally hear you asking them questions. Plus, their responses will be instantly available in the ASK Database™ for you to capture and analyze.

  • Conversion analysis. Find out how many of your visitors are responding to your ASK Campaign … so you can quickly and easily identify any improvements you need to make to your presentation.

These features are provided with every type of survey available through the ASK Database™.

Dozens of Campaign Types to Choose From

The ASK Database offers a wide variety of survey types, including:

  • Multiple Choice questions

  • “Choose All That Apply” questions


  • Open-Ended questions


… with more survey types being added all the time.

The ASK Database also allows you to collect comments from your respondents … as well as their names and e-mail addresses.

Customize the Look, Feel and Set-Up
Your Online Marketing Campaigns

To ensure that your ASK Campaigns dovetail nicely with your brand, all templates included in the ASK Database are fully customizable.

You get everything from full-page templates complete with your picture … to small templates designed to be pop-ups on your website. There are literally billions of distinct template layouts that can be created. And you can save your favorite layouts and color schemes to use again and again.

Plus, you can also choose between generating the form code for your ASK page and hosting it yourself … or hosting it on our servers if you don't have your own website.

Get the ASK Database™ Up and Running
in as
Little as 7 Minutes

Setting up ASK Campaigns is incredibly easy:

Step 1:     Log into the database and select the type of survey you want

Step 2:    Type in the question(s) you want to ask website visitors … and click “create campaign”

Step 3:    Take the few lines of code that the database gives you, place it on your website where you want the survey form to appear … and upload the new page to your server. (Don’t have a website? No problem – we can host your survey for FREE!)

That’s it – your survey is active! The ASK Database starts gathering and analyzing your survey data.

Need to see it to believe it?

Check out this 3-minute online video demonstration … or start your risk-free trial now.

3 Easy Ways to Get Help

And in case you run into any questions while using the ASK Database, you have access to 3 different help systems:

  1. In-Line Help, which lets you click on help icons placed throughout the ASK Database for instant access to the answers you're looking for – without having to search through a manual to find them.

  2. Video Tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through getting started with the ASK Database, creating your first campaign, and much more.

  3. ASK Database™ Support Desk. Just visit the support desk website, fill in a short form to submit your support ticket … and one of our highly trained customer service agents will get an answer to you in 24 hours or less.

Take a Risk-Free 21-Day ASK Database™
Test Drive for Just $1

The ASK Database is one of the fastest, easiest, most economical tools for boosting your sales and profits. See for yourself – test drive the ASK Database™ for 21 days for just $1 … and then make up your own mind.

Go into the database. Set up as many ASK campaigns as you’d like. Analyze your survey responses using the “keyword density” and “search” features. See for yourself how incredibly powerful this tool is … and how much easier it will be to profitably market your products and services when you can figure out exactly what your customers are thinking.

If you’re not thoroughly convinced that the Ask Database™ is the smartest investment you’ve ever made to increase the pulling-power of your online marketing campaigns, send an email to Ask Database™ within the next 21 days to cancel your service. We’ll cancel your subscription immediately,
… and part as friends.

But if you agree that the ASK Database™ saves you time and money … while giving you unparalled insight into how your customers think, what they want and why they act the way they do …
do nothing. Your risk-free 21-day trial subscription will automatically convert to an ASK Database™ Gold membership on your 22nd day of membership. Your subscription fee of $29.95 per month will be automatically billed to your credit card to ensure that there is no disruption in your service.

Just like your trial subscription, your satisfaction with your monthly membership is 100% guaranteed. If you ever decide that you no longer want the competitive advantage the ASK Database™ provides, email your cancellation request Ask Database™ for immediate termination of your membership.

How Top Marketers Utilize the
ASK Database™ to Boost Sales and Profits

Thousands of marketers around the world are using the ASK Database™ to eliminate the guesswork of marketing to and serving their customers. Take a look at a handful of the hundreds of case studies we have on file at our Terre Haute, Indiana, headquarters.

Eliminates the Guesswork of
Content People Want Most 

Dr. Stephen Covey, best-selling author of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” conducted a history-making teleseminar that utilized Habit 5 ~ “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Almost no preparation was necessary because 100% of the content was generated from an Ask Database™ survey that took place just a few weeks prior to the event.

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork of
Marketing Live Seminars

Mark Victor Hansen, best-selling co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, utilized the power of the Ask Database™ with an online “Exit” Survey for his first Mega Marketing Magic seminar.

In just a few weeks, he discovered the #1 and #2 reasons why people could not attend the event, even though they wanted to. You too can utilize this tactic at zero marketing cost!


Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork of
City Planning Issues for Mayors

Mayor Kevin Burke from Terre Haute , Indiana launches the City's “Ask Mayor Burke” campaign.

Thousands of Terre Haute residents visit his Website to ask him important questions about Council Meetings, Housing, Transit, Water & Power and other issues. Not long after, the Mayor of Indianapolis follows suit.

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork of
Choosing Your Corporate Logo

The Ask Database™ team develops a Certification process in which Web Masters can participate. The problem is, what should the Certification Logo look like?

Instead of guessing, the marketing team “just asks” Certification candidates to pick the logo that best suits them and within one week a winning design is chosen!

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork of
Capturing Heartfelt Testimonials

Les Brown, best-selling author and world renowned public speaker, discovers how fast, easy and cost-efficient it is to utilize the Ask Database™ to capture rave reviews from followers.

Over sixty testimonials came pouring in from all over the world as a result of his single email request sent to his online list. You too can capture more testimonials utilizing this same marketing tactic.

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork
of National Book Tours

Harvey Mackay, best-selling author of “Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive!” launches a new book titled, “We Got Fired ~ And it's the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us!”

In less than 70 minutes, over 720 copies are sold from Amazon.com! This “Virtual Book Tour” method is also utilized by Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Robert Allen and Stephen Covey.

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

Eliminates the Guesswork of Selling Info Products via Google Adwords™

Lev Selector, a Manhattan IT consultant decides to start an online information publishing business from his home.

He utilizes the Ask Database™ to survey Iguana lovers utilizing Google Adwords™ campaigns. The campaign takes just three short months and he later launches his first information niche product titled, “Iguana Secrets.” No marketing guesswork!

Click here for your 21-day $1 test-drive now !

So what are you waiting for?

Click the Instant Access button below to take advantage of your 21-day $1 test-drive right now at absolutely zero risk. You'll be 100% satisfied, or we'll refund your dollar!

Designed to Grow As Your Business Grows

As you incorporate more surveys into your business, you may discover that you need to capture and analyze even more survey responses each month.

The Gold subscription package you’ll be testing during your risk-free 21-day trial can capture up to 5,000 responses each month (though your trial membership allows 250 responses). And the Platinum and Titanium subscription packages that allow up to 10,000 and 20,000 responses each month respectively.

Plus, as long as you are a member of Ask Database™, you will receive Future Updates at NO COST.
No matter how many times we update the service, you will receive all updates 100% Absolutely FREE.

How to Get Your Subscription for Free

At less than $1 a day, the ASK Database is a bargain. Nowhere else can you find the type of customized, insightful data … for less than you’d pay for a small cup of black coffee.

And when you sign up as an ASK Database affiliate, you earn $9.98 per month (on Gold Access) for every person who also signs up for the ASK Database on your recommendation. Once you refer 3 paying subscribers to the database, you’ll earn enough each month to cover your Gold subscription.

But even if you never sign up for our FREE affiliate program, your investment in the ASK Database will pay off hundreds of times over. You’ll save time and money … while boosting sales and revenue, because the ASK Database™ gives you the valuable data and insight you need to:

  • Figure out exactly what customers want … and be able to deliver their ideal solutions

  • Develop only the products and services your customers want – and will pay for

  • Increase conversion of your existing web pages and marketing materials

  • Analyze survey data in a fraction of the time its currently taking you

  • Effortlessly grab more testimonials from delighted clients

  • Quickly determine winning content for your teleseminars, bootcamps and products

  • Uncover new market niches using Google AdWords™

And with our generous 21-day risk-free trial of the ASK Database, you can only win.

During the next 3 weeks run a few surveys and fully explore all of the ways the ASK Database™ gives you the insight and data you need to increase sales, uncover profitable niches, and identify exactly what your customers and prospects want to buy. If you don’t wholeheartedly agree after a thorough review of the database, just send an email to cancel your trial subscription.

Sign up for your risk free trial now …

YES! I want to utilize the Ask Database™ to increase my profits.

  • I understand I will receive instant access to my private members area.

  • I also receive, Tested Ask Campaigns That Make You Rich Part 1 & 2


To Your Success,

The ASK Database™ Team

P.S.          ASK Database™ is winning rave reviews from top Internet marketers. Click here to see what your peers have to say about this one-of-a-kind tool.

P.P.S.      Have a question about the ASK Database™? Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

P.P.P.S.  Your 21-day trial of the ASK Database™ is 100% risk-free. If you’re not thoroughly convinced that the Ask Database™ is the smartest investment you’ve ever made to increase the pulling-power of your online marketing campaigns, send an email to Ask Database™ within the next 21 days to cancel your service. With no explanation needed.


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