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Access Cafe Networks, Inc. and Heritage House Publishing, Inc. are pleased to introduce you to The ASK Database - a powerful tool for increasing the sales and profits from your web traffic.

There’s a world of information out there that people are just dying to tell you about. All you need to do is ASK! The power of the ASK Database helps you do just that, allowing you to quickly and easily get information from your website visitors or e-zine and newsletter subscribers and giving you the tools necessary to quickly and easily analyze that data and find out what your customers are trying to tell you. It’s simple – Just@sk™!

Multiple Survey Types

The ASK Database offers a wide variety of survey types, including Open-Ended questions, Multiple Choice questions, and Choose All That Apply questions, with more survey types being added all the time. The ASK Database also allows you to collect comments from your respondents as well as names and e-mail addresses.

Find out what your customers want from your next information product, why visitors to your website are leaving without becoming customers, and more with just a few simple steps.

Customizable Templates

The ASK Database offers fully customizable templates for displaying your ASK Campaign including full-page templates complete with your picture on down to small templates designed to be pop-ups on your website.

There are literally billions of distinct template layouts that can be created, and you can save your favorite layouts and color schemes to use again and again.

Also, we give you the option of generating the form code for the page and hosting it yourself, or hosting it on our servers if you don't have a web presence of your own to use, letting you choose what works best for you.

Video Tutorials and In-Line Help

To make using the ASK Database as simple as possible, we offer two different help systems. The first is In-Line Help, which lets you click on help icons placed throughout the ASK Database that give you the answers you're looking for right away without having to search through a manual to find them.

We also offer Video Tutorials with our co-founder Zachary McCullough, who walks you step-by-step through getting started with the ASK Database, creating your first campaign, and much more.


Powerful Analysis Tools

To help you sort through all of the information your ASK Campaign will generate, we offer a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing your data, including:

  • Conversion Analysis: Find out how many of your visitors are responding to your ASK Campaign so you can quickly and identify any improvements you can make to your presentation.

  • Full-Featured Search: The ASK Database allows you to both search through your responses looking for a simple keyword or phrase as well as using Boolean operators to find specific patterns or exclude certain words and phrases. This allows you to quickly and easily drill down to the responses that you're looking for.

  • Word Density Analyzer: One of the most powerful features of the ASK Database, the Word Density Analyzer shows what one-, two- and three-word phrases are most common in your responses in a manner of seconds, letting you almost instantly discover common themes in your responses.

Integration with Audio Generator

You can also use the ASK Database to help you fully realize the power of Audio Generator by integrating Audio Generator codes into your ASK Campaigns.

Imagine asking visitors why they're leaving your website without giving your product a fair try using your own voice!

They'll hear you ask them a question, supply an answer, and it will instantly be available in the ASK Database for you to analyze and help you pull as much information out of your list as possible.

The ASK Database and Audio Generator together are a winning combination!

Pull information from your web traffic in three easy steps:

  Step #1 - Create your ASK Campaign
Step #2 - Configure your template
Step #3 - Drive traffic to your page!

The ASK Database puts powerful internet marketing tools at your fingertips!

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